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Learn more about our accounting, audit, tax, bookkeeping, and consulting services.


Tax Preparation and Consultation

Often, individuals will begin gathering data and documents for tax return completion to discover uncertainty during the task. Tax preparation is not an easy endeavor, and a quick consultation with Mr. Ogden can clear up any questions or concerns. Wm. Bradley Ogden, CPA is proud of its ability to work closely with clients, new or existing, to ensure accurate completion of each tax return, giving each client the most value from each return.

Personal 1040 Tax Returns

Having trouble completing your personal tax return? Wm. Bradley Ogden, CPA can take on the task for you, whether it is quick and simple or an extensive 1040 return. We efficiently complete personal returns, ensuring timely completion and delivery and maintain direct communication with our customers every step of the way. Wm. Bradley Ogden, CPA strives to provide a personal and detailed experience for each client.

Business Tax Returns

Wm. Bradley Ogden, CPA welcomes all kinds of business clients and entities. Whether you have a sole proprietorship, partnership, traditional corporation, S corp, or limited liability company or are just getting started and aren't sure which entity would be best - call us for a consultation. Large or small, we work closely with each client to help find the best path to prosperity.

Payroll and Bookkeeping

Wm. Bradley Ogden, CPA provides payroll and bookkeeping services tailored to each client's specific needs. We carefully determine and collect appropriate documentation to make certain payroll calculations and returns are accurate. 

Details About Our Services

We are confident you will find our fees to be very competitive, including tax preparation fees that are often lower than those charged by the big chain stores. We base our fees on time incurred, not on a cost per form or per schedule basis or on the number of pages or dollar amounts in your return. This is our policy because we believe it to be the most fair, and because it rightfully rewards a client who is organized and thorough.

We offer electronic filing services, but do not offer refund anticipation loans or advances because of the accompanying exorbitant fees and usurious interest rates our firm could never charge in good conscience.

Upon completion of our work, you can count on receiving an impressive work product, including a hardcover bound copy of your tax returns or financial statements that is well organized and professional in appearance and content.

Wm. Bradley Ogden, CPA is a certified member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.